Our dedicated staff is committed to serving Doña Ana County's foster youth, ensuring that every child has a voice that's heard. 

Doreen Gallegos, Executive Director

Doreen joined Mesilla Valley CASA in 2001. She has more than twenty years of experience in social work, holding both a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work. Doreen oversees management of the agency and all aspects of the agency's operations, including resource development and donor stewardship, agency and program planning, community and public relations, personnel development and management, and fiscal management. Doreen is the agency liaison to the Board of Directors

Brandie White, Program Director

Brandie joined Mesilla Valley CASA in 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work and has more than a decade of experience in various sectors of social work. Brandie is primarily responsible for the supervision and coordination of the advocate training program, which includes actively recruiting volunteer advocates, interviewing and training advocates, as well as supporting and supervising advocates in their work. She also assists with supervision and leadership of the agency and in resource development through event planning and other fundraising focused activities. 

Andrea Caballer, Advocate Coach

Andrea joined Mesilla Valley CASA in 2016. She was in the financial industry and a small business owner prior to becoming a CASA herself, which is what led to her career change; Andrea is currently pursuing a B.S. in Counseling and Community Psychology. Andrea's primary responsibility is supporting the agency's advocates in advocating for the children in the local foster care system. She also assists in the recruiting and training of volunteer advocates, as well as monitoring and maintaining data on the agency's cases.